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As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Google did not have a built-in Solitaire game, but you can still play Solitaire on Google by following these steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the Google search page (
  2. In the Google search bar, type “Solitaire” and press Enter.
  3. Look for the “Solitaire” game card that appears in the search results. It’s usually one of the first results.
  4. Click on the “Play” button or the game card to start the Solitaire game.
  5. A new window or tab will open, and you can begin playing Solitaire.

Please note that the availability of games on Google’s search results may change over time, and Google might have introduced new features or games after my last update. If the above steps don’t work, you can also consider searching for Solitaire on other websites or using dedicated Solitaire games available on various app stores or platforms.

2ND Option:-


  1. A standard deck of 52 playing cards is used.
  2. Shuffle the deck thoroughly.
  3. Deal out seven piles of cards from left to right, with the first pile containing one card, the second pile containing two cards (one face down and one face up), the third pile containing three cards (two face down and one face up), and so on until the seventh pile containing seven cards (six face down and one face up).


  1. The face-up card in the first pile becomes the starting card for your foundation pile. The foundation piles are where you will build sequences of cards by suit, starting with Ace and ending with King (e.g., Ace of Hearts, 2 of Hearts, 3 of Hearts, etc.).
  2. You can move cards between piles following these rules:
    • You can move a face-up card to another face-up card if the card you’re moving is one rank lower and of a different color (e.g., you can move a black 5 onto a red 6).
    • You can move a sequence of face-up cards, along with the cards below them if they form a descending sequence in alternating colors (e.g., black 7, red 6, black 5, etc.).
    • You can move a King (13) to an empty space or an empty pile.
  3. Continue to move cards between piles and build up the foundation piles from Ace to King for each suit.
  4. If you run out of moves or want to access the face-down cards in the tableau piles, you can draw cards from the deck. To do this, click on the deck in the upper left corner. One card is turned face-up, and you can use it or continue drawing more cards, one at a time.
  5. You can cycle through the deck three times. After the third cycle, if you still have cards in the deck, they will be placed in the waste pile, and you can no longer draw from the deck.

Winning: The game is won when you have successfully built up all four foundation piles, one for each suit, from Ace to King.

Losing: The game is considered lost if you cannot make any more moves, and there are still face-down cards in the tableau piles.

Solitaire is a game of strategy and patience. It may take some practice to develop the skills needed to win consistently. Enjoy playing!

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